Stay Away From Moving Brokers

Besides van liners (like Bekins, United, Allied, Atlas, Wheaton, Aprin, et al) the biggest source of moving scams come from moving brokers.

What are Moving Brokers?

Moving brokers are companies that collect your info and sell it to moving companies.

What these companies do is create a website where it says it will give you a free moving quote. Sometimes they’ll say that you’ll get up to six moving quotes from different companies (check out the screenshots below). Many of them will offer tons of great moving advice all of which can be found in many of other places as well. This website for example will give you much of that info, but we will never ask for your info.

moving brokers






moving estimates






Or the more dangerous thing that they do is sell you on a moving service by giving you a lowball moving estimate and having a really bad (sometimes unlicensed and uninsured) mover come to your house to do your move. What usually occurs then is that the mover will charge far more than what you were quoted by phone.

This is why many states and moving organizations tell you get the mover to come to your home to do the moving estimate.

What you should do

Never use a moving broker first off. It’ll only get you into trouble. But take these steps to get a reliable and reputable mover:

  1. Do a proper search for actual moving companies: Use the yellowpages, referrals or Craigslist
  2. Call up the moving companies directly
  3. Have them give you an estimate
  4. Research the company’s reputation with BBB, DOT or local agencies

All movers will give you a free moving quote and they are really easy to find so you truly don’t need use a moving broker to get free estimates.

So this is quick simple guide on moving brokers and warning to not use them.




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