A Few Tips for the Transporting of Wardrobes and Chest of Draws

Looking at your heavy duty belongings and figuring out how you are going to pack and move them into your new home can be daunting task. Wardrobes especially can be incredibly tricky. Most are unmovable without the help of a friend, and even with a mate’s help it can still be a hassle to get them through door frames and corridors. Alas, there is nothing to fear; approach the transportation of your wardrobe cleverly and your move will be considerably less stressful.


wardrobesFirstly, check, if you don’t already know, if your wardrobe was originally a flat-pack. If it is, then there is a chance it can be de-constructed, transported and then reconstructed when you move into your new home. If this is the case, your task has just become so much easier. However, beware. Some flat-packs can be hard to de-construct and maybe even impossible to reconstruct, primarily because they weren’t designed to. Check to see if you still have the instructions stored away and the tools needed to build it. If you have these, or if your wardrobe isn’t in the best of shapes, it’s probably best to transport it as it is. The same applies for chest of draws – if it can be de-constructed and then rebuilt, it, again, will make your life easier.


If it turns out your wardrobe isn’t a flat-pack, or it is but you fear for its livelihood if you de-construct it, don’t despair.; there are still basic ways to make the removal easier. The simplest way to make the transportation easier is to take the legs off by unscrewing them either with your hand or screwdriver. As most legs of wardrobes come off with ease, it will make the move easier as it will shrink the dimensions of your wardrobe – making it easier to get in-and-out of doors. As for chest of draws, they too will often have legs, or maybe even wheels. Again, these will most likely come off by either using your hand, screwdriver or whatever tools the furniture dictates you use.


Whether your wardrobes and chest of draws de-construct or you have to transport them in their entire upright glory, one thing that will ensure their safety from superficial damages that may happen during the move is bubble-wrap. Bubble-wrap won’t make the move any easier, but it will give you peace of mind that your wardrobe or chest of draws won’t incur any dirt, scrapes or dents. It’s cheap, reusable and even fun.


Picking up on that same point, moving blankets will also ensure peace of mind for transporting your wardrobes and chest of draws. Removal companies will often supply them for the move, but if you haven’t hired a removal company, they can be easily bought online.


What act will make your moving of wardrobes and chest of draws the easiest? Hiring someone else to do it for you. Most removal companies should do this for. Man and his van hire services should also do it as well.


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